Stonaway Tollers Reg’d is a small family-run kennel located in Kemptville, Ontario, about 30 minutes south of our nation’s capital, Ottawa. Our dogs are all pets first, and live in our home. Puppies are raised in our kitchen.

Raising Tollers is my passion, and my hobby. I am proud to be a guardian of this wonderful breed. Our dogs are bred for health and temperament, as well as proper structure and type. All of our breeding stock have health clearances for hips (OFA or OVC), heart, and CERF/PRA eyes. We also do thyroid checks before breeding, and as part of our good dog check ups. Our girls are never bred before maturity, which to us means two or over. We follow the Code of Ethics set forth by the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada.

Our dogs are all raised on a natural, biologically appropriate diet. We feed exclusively the Tollden Farms line.

We follow a very limited vaccine protocol.

We firmly believe that Tollers should be able to perform what they were originally bred to do, so we do participate in the Hunt Test program. All breeding stock have their CKC Championship and are working on  (if not completed) a working title. A working title may be in obedience, agility, or field. We are looking at any title that takes three or more passes to accomplish.

Puppies are available to approved homes only, and are sold with a written guarantee and sales contract. They are raised in our kitchen, and are very well socialized to a busy household. They meet countless children, and are exposed to a wide variety of noises and sensations.

They are started on crate training and housebreaking.

Puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club on a non-breeding agreement or a co-ownership with Stonaway Tollers and are microchipped. They are all given a “good puppy” check up before they leave our home.

We are members of the following clubs:

Canadian Kennel Club

NSDTR Club of Canada

We strongly urge you to check out the above sites to learn more about Tollers,
their quirks, and their versatility. Thanks for visiting!


Stonaway Tollers - Welcome!

Stonaway Tollers - Welcome!

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

                                                      Kemptville, Ontario, CANADA